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Logging Trucks and Idling Issues

The logging industry is a profitable area, but recent years have seen profit margins shrinking and companies struggling with driver retention. One surprising way for companies to recoup profits is through idle reduction. The average long-haul truck loses $10,000-$12,000 USD in fuel every year while idling. These rates are often higher in logging trucks, as their schedules tend to include unexpected waiting periods; these range from loading delays on logging platforms to hold-ups dropping off their cargo at mills. On top of overnights and rest stops, this drives up idle times and cuts profits.

On dry, dusty days, an idling truck on a busy log landing can accumulate as much debris in the engine air cleaner as it would hauling 2,000-3,000 highway miles. If the air cleaner is damaged, clogged or improperly sealed, the dust can also damage the engine. But by installing an electric APU with premium lithium batteries, truck outfitters can cut idling and its associated issues. This keeps profits high and logging companies happy!

Logging Trucks

Why Is Idling So Bad for Logging Trucks?

An APU powers sleeper cab features while the truck’s engine is switched off, so drivers can be comfortable in their trucks without running their engines. A long-lasting battery like LightningVolt™ empowers drivers to run their electronics for twice as long without idling. This is because the lithium design supports deep discharge up to 95% without damaging the battery. This gives drivers twice the power that they’d receive from a lead-acid or AGM battery. In an industry hard-hit by driver shortages, logging companies will appreciate how extra comforts like this can help with retention.

How Can Lithium APU Batteries Boost Profits for Logging Companies?

Excessive idling speeds up soot accumulation in truck DPFs, which leads to increased regens, early DPF cleaning and shorter service windows. The increased pressure caused by the build-up of soot can also damage DPFs, and companies may have to replace them prematurely. With operations already limited by driver shortages, logging companies won’t want more trucks in the shop for DPF repairs. We designed LightningVolt™ lithium batteries to reduce the need for idling and increase profits for trucking companies!

The extra regens caused by idling are also a source of driver dissatisfaction, which contributes to driver turnover. By installing a lithium battery and doubling the power in truck APUs, you make drivers and logging companies happier. On top of this, with a 10× longer working life than lead-acid or AGM batteries, LightningVolt™ boosts the truck’s value.

Why Is LightningVolt™ the Right Choice for Logging Trucks?

Many US states have federal weight restrictions, which lead timber trucks to favour state and local roads over interstate highways. This is more dangerous and slower, so the last thing logging trucks want is additional weight from heavy APU batteries. We designed every aspect of LightningVolt™ to meet the needs of the trucking community. That’s why we made LightningVolt half the weight of lead-acid and AGM batteries!

LightningVolt™ batteries are extra-durable and built to handle the jolts and vibration of rough, uneven roads including logging tracks. They are also maintenance-free and can be installed in almost any position with no risk of dangerous acid spills. This allows much more flexibility in logging truck design and boosts APU performance, increasing company profit margins and driver satisfaction!

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