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Direct Fit Replacement DOC for Deutz

OEM Price: USD 3,993

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Need to Upgrade Your 1980715 Deutz DOC?

Don’t let a faulty 1980715 Deutz DOC be a spanner in the works when Roadwarrior’s exact-fit replacement D2064-ID could get your worksite moving again! Our OEM-quality part is easy to install, with all the necessary ports and sensor attachments included in the box. By combining a platinum-grade substrate with our patented Metalcor technology, DOCs like D2064-ID achieve OEM-level efficiency at aftermarket prices. This is possible because of our strong connections with our parent company DCL International—a pioneer in catalytic emissions control!



Image of a construction site to illustrate that Roadwarrior's D2064-ID is an exact-fit replacement for the 1980715 Deutz DOC in your heavy-duty equipment.What Makes Deutz Engines a Popular Choice on Jobsites?

Deutz is a well-known HD manufacturer whose engines feature heavily in construction, roadwork, aggregate processing, power plants, aerial lift settings and oil and gas refineries. As an engine manufacturer, they form partnerships with HD machinery manufacturers to provide industry-leading equipment. They partner with construction specialists like Sany America and John Deere, as well as smaller firms like JLG and SkyJack who specialize in scissor lifts, boom lifts and more.



Why Choose Roadwarrior’s Replacement D2064-ID For Your Deutz DOC?

For one thing, we’re currently the only manufacturer in North America producing aftermarket DOCs and DPFs for construction equipment. Alongside the 1980715 Deutz DOC, we offer aftertreatment replacements for OEMs like Caterpillar, John Deere, Komatsu, Genie, and more! We store our construction parts in our Pennsylvania warehouse, which allows us to ship replacements to your worksite or offices in 1–2 days on average. Alongside our construction offering, Roadwarrior is proud to have the industry’s largest aftermarket catalogue of heavy-duty aftertreatment parts for semitrucks. We stock aftertreatment equivalents for major OEMs like Paccar, Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Navistar, and Hino.



What is a 1980715 Deutz DOC?

Deutz engines are fuel-efficient and well-designed, but they still produce harmful emissions. Modern construction equipment uses aftertreatment parts like diesel oxidation catalysts (DOCs) to reduce these emissions. The DOC oxidizes carbon monoxide and particulate matter in the exhaust, converting it into less toxic forms like carbon dioxide. The exhaust then passes through the DPF, where the carbon dioxide and soot are trapped and filtered out. Unlike DPFs, the design and filter style of DOCs means they require very little maintenance and rarely become clogged. However, DOCs alone are increasingly unable to meet the EPA’s strict emissions requirements. Because of this, newer machinery often includes a DPF and even an SCR system as well.



What Do Tier 4 Regulations Mean for Deutz Engines and Aftertreatment Systems?

In 2014, the EPA introduced Tier 4 regulations mandating the use of aftertreatment devices in off-road heavy machinery. Aftertreatment devices like your 1980715 Deutz DOC both reduce the environmental fallout of construction equipment and improve air quality on construction sites. This can have a positive impact on the health of site workers and residents of the surrounding area! Depending on your OEM, your construction equipment may include a DOC, DPF, SCR, EGR or a combination of these parts.



What Issues Do 1980715 Deutz DOCs Face?

Image of a row of construction machinery to illustrate that your 1980715 Deutz DOC can be replaced by Roadwarrior's D2064-ID exact-fit replacement.

A 1980715 DOC is a flow-through oxidation filter, which means it’s less likely to get clogged up than its wall-flow filter counterpart the DPF. DPFs trap soot and particulate matter, which are then burnt away leaving a small ash residue. Unfortunately, this can cause the DPF to become clogged with accumulated ash! A DOC on the other hand oxidizes the exhaust flowing through without trapping anything, so is far less likely to get clogged up. However, if enough soot accumulates in the DOC it can become plugged, limiting the exhaust passing through and building pressure. This is more common in equipment that idles regularly, or frequently runs low engine workloads, producing a lot of soot and less hot exhaust.


Although they don’t trigger them, DOCs benefit from DPF regens because the hot exhaust burns away the accumulated soot and lowers the risk of face plugging. To further reduce the risk, we recommend having your 1980715 Deutz DOC removed and cleaned after 3,000–4,000 hours, alongside your DPF. If your DOC becomes clogged with soot, it can crack under the combined pressure of the exhaust trying to pass through and the soot blocking it. This pressure can also risk damaging the engine, or other parts of the combustion and exhaust system.


As well as face plugging, the 1980715 Deutz DOC is also susceptible to upstream issues and substances leaking into the exhaust. Oil and coolant leaks are the most common and can cause hydrocarbon poisoning. If this happens and your Deutz DOC is beyond repair, we recommend investing in an exact-fit replacement like our D2064-ID.



Scan The Problems Out of Your 1980715 Deutz DOC

If your construction equipment throws a DTC and you suspect your DOC may be the problem, you can find out for sure with a Diesel Decoder! This pocket-sized scan tool plugs into your construction equipment, scans for DTCs and isolates the problem. It also connects to the Diesel Laptops® repair library, which is full of useful information and repair advice. The Roadwarrior Diesel Decoder was originally designed for semitrucks and can read both OEM and generic fault codes. As well as reading semitruck DTCs, this scan tool can:

  • Read instant data and average trends for fuel economy levels, hard braking events and more.
  • Track average long-haul trip distances and engine operating hours to let drivers plan maintenance intervals.
  • Review total vehicle data and store in-depth rig information, including VIN data.
  • Pull together trip reports and driver productivity breakdowns that you can review, print, and share.
  • And also, reset DPF ash accumulators!



Why Do Distributors Stock Roadwarrior Parts Like D2064-ID?

The Roadwarrior catalogue is the biggest aftermarket selection of heavy-duty aftertreatment parts in North America. As well as DPFs, SCRs and DOCs like D2064-ID, we stock EGR coolers, NOx sensors, lithium APU batteries and more! Roadwarrior parts replace on-highway and off-highway aftertreatment devices from OEMs ranging from Cummins and Paccar to Caterpillar and John Deere. But it isn’t just our wide selection that persuaded over 2,000 North American distributors to stock Roadwarrior parts. Nor is it the chance to offer their customers good-quality parts, at aftermarket prices, with shorter delivery timelines. Our distributors also benefit from our bulk-order rates and great stock discounts. On top of this, our product experts offer free webinars and complimentary training on new parts for all our distributors.



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1 Customer Review

  1. James
    18 July 2020
    I was very pleased like always on the Fast Service of shipping my DPF Filter at a Late Notice. Normally I give you all more time early in the Morning....More
    I was very pleased like always on the Fast Service of shipping my DPF Filter at a Late Notice. Normally I give you all more time early in the Morning. This was a Late request. Great job. Thanks Jim
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Better Coating, Better Performance.

Roadwarrior is the only manufacturer to use Metalcor® catalyst technology across its entire range of Diesel Oxidation Catalysts (DOCs) and Selective Catalytic Reduction catalysts (SCRs). Metalcor® catalysts feature high activity catalyst coatings fused to thinner, stronger, catalyst substrates to guarantee maximum performance under the harshest conditions.

Metalcor® catalyst coatings are designed and produced in our own labs. We then inspect each unit to ensure you get more fuel efficiency, lower consumption of DEF, and long term performance from your heavy duty engine!


Roadwarrior Has You Covered!

All Roadwarrior emissions parts carry a full value 12 month warranty.

LightningVolt lithium batteries carry a full value 30 month warranty.

To make the process hassle-free, our parts have a metal nameplate with the serial number, so even after 500,000 miles of service, it’s still easy to identify. This avoids the common problem of serial numbers printed on stickers that burn off after the first start-up, making them impossible to return. Our failsafe system allows us to work in your interests, honouring claims for on-road and off-road replacements, and giving you peace of mind.

And since Roadwarrior parts are designed to meet or exceed OEM specifications, you can rest easy knowing our direct fit parts will take the problems out of your aftertreatment without interfering with your OEM warranty.

Next Day Is Nice, Same Day is Better!​

A faulty emissions control system can cost you thousands in wasted man-hours as your heavy equipment sits in the shop awaiting a new part. Whether it’s a truck behind on orders, a bus that can’t take passengers, or heavy machinery delaying construction deadlines, Roadwarrior can get you moving again! 

Roadwarrior has twelve warehouses across the U.S.A. and Canada, which can deliver the most popular aftertreatment parts in 1-2 days. With over 1,000 DPFs, DOCs and SCRs on offer, Roadwarrior offers the largest aftertreatment catalogue.

*LightningVolt lithium batteries ship directly from Roadwarrior in Ontario, to ALL 50 states, including Alaska and Hawaii within 2-4 days.