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About Roadwarrior

Founded in 2011, Roadwarrior Inc. was launched by the DCL Technology Group, whose unrivaled reliability and innovative emission control products are used in the most demanding environments on the planet, including Mining, Construction and Energy Production.

It all began when our emission control experts recognized reliability problems with new aftertreatment devices first introduced on Class 8 heavy trucks in 2007. We applied the same technology from our core business to solve this challenge, and soon after, Roadwarrior was born with the launch of the very first aftermarket Diesel Particulate Filter (DPFs). Since then, we have launched the largest catalog of aftertreatment parts and are constantly working to quickly bring innovation to the market that saves you time and money. The latest example is with the launch of the first and only efficient aftermarket one-box exhaust treatment system, whose swappable component design will save time and money on future repairs.

As the industry continues to reduce its environmental impact and engine designs get more complicated as a result, our emission control scientists will continue to meet the ever-changing challenges. Roadwarrior will be there to develop innovative and reliable emission control products that control your cost.


Better Coating, Better Performance.

Roadwarrior is the only manufacturer to use Metalcor® catalyst technology across its entire range of Diesel Oxidation Catalysts (DOCs) and Selective Catalytic Reduction catalysts (SCRs). Metalcor® catalysts feature high activity catalyst coatings fused to thinner, stronger, catalyst substrates to guarantee maximum performance under the harshest conditions.

Metalcor® catalyst coatings are designed and produced in our own labs. We then inspect each unit to ensure you get more fuel efficiency, lower consumption of DEF, and long term performance from your heavy duty engine!


Roadwarrior Has You Covered!

All Roadwarrior parts include a full value 1-year warranty. To make the process hassle-free, our parts have a metal nameplate with the serial number, so even after 500,000 miles of service, it’s still easy to identify. This avoids the common problem of serial numbers printed on stickers that burn off after the first start-up, making them impossible to return. Our failsafe system allows us to work in your interests, honouring claims for on-road and off-road replacements, and giving you peace of mind.

And since Roadwarrior parts are designed to meet or exceed OEM specifications, you can rest easy knowing our direct fit parts will take the problems out of your aftertreatment without interfering with your OEM warranty.

Next Day Is Nice, Same Day is Better!​

A faulty emissions control system can cost you thousands in wasted man-hours as your heavy equipment sits in the shop awaiting a new part. Whether it’s a truck behind on orders, a bus that can’t take passengers, or heavy machinery delaying construction deadlines, Roadwarrior can get you moving again! 

Roadwarrior has twelve warehouses across the U.S.A. and Canada, which can deliver the most popular aftertreatment parts in 1-2 days. With over 1,000 DPFs, DOCs and SCRs on offer, Roadwarrior offers the largest aftertreatment catalogue.