Restore Fuel Efficiency


A high performance aftertreatment system enables your engine to be tuned for maximum efficiency at all times. The Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC), Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF), and Selective Catalytic Reduction catalyst (SCR), along with sensors and dosers, treat the emissions from the engine.

Without these devices your engine would need to run much higher EGR rates—harming engine health—and would produce less power as well. When your aftertreatment components wear out or become compromised by upstream malfunctions, the ECU automatically compensates resulting in increased fuel and DEF consumption over time. Roadwarrior offers direct fit components with high performance coatings to restore your fuel efficiency and reduce regeneration frequency.

How Does Regeneration Affect You?

Roadwarrior’s Metalcor® catalyst technology improves your engine’s efficiency by maximizing passive regeneration during more of your drive cycle.  With maximum passive regeneration your engine will getter better mileage due to lower backpressure at high load (when it matters) and reduced consumption of both fuel for active regeneration and Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) used by the SCR system.

How to maximize passive regeneration?

Roadwarrior can help you achieve maximum passive regeneration by restoring or even improving upon the original factory performance.  We do this in three ways:  

1. The activity level of the catalyst coating on the DPF is critical to maximize passive regeneration. With a coating that is degraded due to many cleanings, or even absent when new, the ECU will compensate by using more fuel to perform more frequent active regenerations.

2. A severely degraded DOC will consume extra fuel as it is slowly ramps up to temperature during an active regeneration event. But long before this happens the DOC has failed at its main job which is to enhance passive regeneration.

3. Engines produce more pollution at higher power settings and at higher efficiency. With a properly functioning SCR catalyst the engine is allowed to run as it should without the ECU intervening to reduce power or harm fuel efficiency.

I wanted to let you and your team know that the service manager at the location where you shipped these Detroit One Boxes, was very impressed with the quality of the units.  He mentioned that they appeared to be of a higher quality than the units from Detroit that we’ve gotten from the dealer in the past.