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Diesel Decoder

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Diesel Decoder

(16 customer reviews)

Mobile diagnostic tool for all heavy truck makes

Pays for itself in one saved tow or dealer visit!

USD 350

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Transform Your Smartphone Into A Pocket Diagnostic Tool

The Roadwarrior Diesel Decoder is a super-efficient diagnostic tool, giving you the power to scan truck fault codes and make decisions on the go! No need to waste money on expensive code-scanning hardware and software—with this portable diagnostic tool, all you need is the Diesel Decoder app and you’re ready to go! Just plug your Roadwarrior Diesel Decoder into the diagnostic port, sync it up with your phone’s Bluetooth®, and access your truck’s data in the app! You can download the free Diesel Decoder app from the IOS or Android app store.


The Roadwarrior Diesel Decoder is a heavy-duty truck driver’s best friend, offering clear, user-friendly data on the go! It scans for fault codes and usage data, and the results appear in the app, alongside repair advice to help you make informed decisions! This diagnostic tool is compatible with all North America’s major heavy-duty truck manufacturers, including Freightliner, Kenworth, Mack, Volvo, Peterbilt, Western Star, International.

Read’s DTC’s and Access Instant Repair Help

Detects all true fault codes and provides instant access to the Diesel Laptops® repair library.

VIN Information

Detects and stores comprehensive truck specifications.

Total Vehicle Data

Use vital trip distance, engine operating hours and more to help plan maintenance intervals.

Driver Productivity and Trip Reports

View instant and average fuel economy, hard braking events and more, and generate trip reports that can be viewed, printed and shared.

Scan The Problems Out of Your Aftertreatment

As commercial truck drivers, you know the dilemma when your dashboard warning lights flash up an emissions control fault. Do you head to a mechanic and accept the unscheduled downtime and disruption, or ignore the warning lights and risk breaking down before you finish the trip? With the Roadwarrior Diesel Decoder you can take back control! Just plug it in at the next truck stop, open your smartphone app and scan for fault codes. That way you can make an informed decision and avoid the risk of unexpected breakdown and towing costs!

The Roadwarrior Diesel Decoder scans all kinds of fault codes, pinpointing aftertreatment issues and much more, so whatever your problem, you can find the quickest solution! As aftertreatment experts, we know that repair and maintenance costs are a fact of life for heavy-duty fleet managers and owner-operators alike. But by taking control of your truck’s performance data, you can arrange convenient maintenance breaks, reduce unexpected forced regens and streamline your schedule. This diagnostic tool also lets you reset the ash counter or ash accumulator when you replace your DPF, making sure your commercial truck’s computer is up to date.

What Else Does the Roadwarrior Diesel Decoder Offer?

Scan Diagnostic Trouble Codes and Get Immediate Repair Advice!

The Roadwarrior Diesel Decoder scans and displays fault codes in a straightforward format. You can then call your mechanic with the fault codes or access the Diesel Laptops Repair Platform through the app for information, advice, and repair tips! This lets you reduce downtime and maintenance costs, by finding out right away if a problem needs immediate action, or if you can complete your planned route before a trip to the mechanic. New upgrades go through the app, so you also save money by not having to replace expensive diagnostic equipment to access new features and upgrades.

Store Heavy-Duty Truck Specifications

The Roadwarrior Diesel Decoder scans your truck’s specifications, and vehicle identification number (VIN), and stores them in the Diesel Decoder app. This powerful tool can measure trip-specific data, such as fuel economy, driver productivity and, hard breaking events! It also provides overall real-time vehicle data like engine operating hours and average fuel economy to help you plan and manage maintenance intervals.


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Diagnostic Tool


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16 Customer Reviews

  1. Jennifer
    26 June 2022
    it comes with the adapter plug I needed for my truck.
    0 0
    21 June 2022
    I use this so when I need repairs I know the mechanic is telling the truth
    0 0
    15 June 2022
    Can I keep it plugged in?
    0 0
    7 June 2022
    0 0
    1 June 2022
    Saved myself a tow with this decoder thing, thanks
    0 0
    29 May 2022
    good job on the decoder guys
    0 0
    24 May 2022
    It works on both of my trucks so I don't need 2, it works and saves you money when you actually need it!
    0 0
    19 May 2022
    shipping was fast.
    0 0
    16 May 2022
    You need the app on your phone for it to work, but it's free and worth it!
    0 0
    9 May 2022
    Gave me a better idea of the repairs I need to make, thanks guys!
    0 0
    6 May 2022
    scanned code on my peterbuilt 1st try
    0 0
    22 April 2022
    It's definitely cheaper than a tow, so if it saves you from a tow you saved money.
    0 0
    15 April 2022
    a repair techn told me to get one and I use it often
    0 0
    11 April 2022
    have not used it yet
    0 0
    8 April 2022
    I always keep this tool with me on the road
    0 0
    4 April 2022
    Scans codes quickly, great tool for on the road
    0 0
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Better Coating, Better Performance.

Roadwarrior is the only manufacturer to use Metalcor® catalyst technology across its entire range of Diesel Oxidation Catalysts (DOCs) and Selective Catalytic Reduction catalysts (SCRs). Metalcor® catalysts feature high activity catalyst coatings fused to thinner, stronger, catalyst substrates to guarantee maximum performance under the harshest conditions.

Metalcor® catalyst coatings are designed and produced in our own labs. We then inspect each unit to ensure you get more fuel efficiency, lower consumption of DEF, and long term performance from your heavy duty engine!


Roadwarrior Has You Covered!

All Roadwarrior emissions parts carry a full value 12 month warranty.

LightningVolt lithium batteries carry a full value 30 month warranty.

To make the process hassle-free, our parts have a metal nameplate with the serial number, so even after 500,000 miles of service, it’s still easy to identify. This avoids the common problem of serial numbers printed on stickers that burn off after the first start-up, making them impossible to return. Our failsafe system allows us to work in your interests, honouring claims for on-road and off-road replacements, and giving you peace of mind.

And since Roadwarrior parts are designed to meet or exceed OEM specifications, you can rest easy knowing our direct fit parts will take the problems out of your aftertreatment without interfering with your OEM warranty.

Next Day Is Nice, Same Day is Better!​

A faulty emissions control system can cost you thousands in wasted man-hours as your heavy equipment sits in the shop awaiting a new part. Whether it’s a truck behind on orders, a bus that can’t take passengers, or heavy machinery delaying construction deadlines, Roadwarrior can get you moving again! 

Roadwarrior has twelve warehouses across the U.S.A. and Canada, which can deliver the most popular aftertreatment parts in 1-2 days. With over 1,000 DPFs, DOCs and SCRs on offer, Roadwarrior offers the largest aftertreatment catalogue.

*LightningVolt lithium batteries ship directly from Roadwarrior in Ontario, to ALL 50 states, including Alaska and Hawaii within 2-4 days.